About Freemie

Our mission is simple:

We are striving to advance breastfeeding by making the breast pump compatible with modern life. At our core, we believe pumping should be easier for moms. We understand that a great need is not being met, and this is our calling.

We know the challenges of pumping first hand. In fact, Dr. Stella Dao was inspired to invent the Freemie system when she went back to work after the birth of her preemie twins. As a working physician, Stella discovered that pumping on the job was not easy to do. As she struggled to balance work with breastfeeding, the idea of Freemie was born. An entirely new style of pumping, the Freemie system makes it possible to collect breast milk with your shirt on and your hands free. And that means you can pump anytime, anywhere, and around anyone.

Meet the Freemie team

We have a passion for improving quality of life, and a proven track record for solving challenges through innovation. In fact, our team members have made important and noteworthy contributions to medicine and medical technology throughout their careers, and have worked together on a number of projects prior to joining the Freemie team.

Collectively, our team members are named inventors on nearly 75 US and international patents.